Narcosxxx Sex Game

Are you looking for the best sexual adventure? There are various sexal games that you can play, however, Narcosxxx is the most outstanding. It incorporates sexual intercourse and drug trafficking to enhance satisfaction of adults. The game provides you an option of being a police officer or a drug cartel. It is based on Escobar Pablo, a drug lord in Colombia, whose major goal is to take over all territories with narcotic drugs as well as enjoying sexual arousing moments with sexy ladies. Since it involves drug trafficking, you will also have episodes of gunshots as you play the game. As a drug lord, you will be going to labs that produce drugs, mansions, prisons and brothels. As a police officer, you will be aiming to arrest the cartels.

To get started, create an account and choose your stand. It is easy to play the game with a mouse. Various tools and items will be provided at various stages of the game to allow you accomplish specific missions. At the beginning of the game, you will take the role of member cartel and you have to find your way to the highest rank through fighting the police, foes and having sex with many sexy ladies as possible to enlarge your drug kingdom. If you take the role of a police officer, your aim will be eradicating cartels as well finishing their territories.

Narcosxxx game offers you two days to play the game for free. Thereafter, you will be required to subscribe at a charge of $39.95 on monthly basis to access the game. Payments are made through credit cards. The subscription will provide you access to more adult games and several networks of porn as well as a live sex account. At the end of the game, you will have pleasurable time with numerous nude ladies.

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